Over the holidays we designed quite a few holiday cards, but admittedly we're a little partial to this particular card. Must be the precious baby!


some new work

Tis the season again (see last year)… so Tenn Hens assisted PharmMD with their annual holiday card. A clever play off the logo and the letterpress printing really made it a special piece for folks to receive in the mail.

…and below is a new brochure we designed. Churches Together is on a mission of helping those in need in Africa through church-led holistic ministries. The creative simply delivers their message while showcasing the beautifully shot images.


americana music is a risin'

The Americana Music Association has been a client of ours for the last 5 years and it's a joy to work with such a creative group. Plus the genre "Americana" has been on the rise and this years event in Nashville did not disappoint. Their award show represented folks like Robert Plant, John Mellencamp, Roseanne Cash, and Ryan Bingham. Pretty darn cool! Music city is a lucky place to be.
We created everything from posters, signage, and ads to a book for the festival.



up up and away

Currier grew up in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. Back when it was just a simple little town with not a lot going on. Well, today, it's a hot spot for shopping and dining. Even the old theater is being restored. The Heritage Foundation is one of the organizations to thank for it's success. They're a non-profit dedicated to protecting and preserving the historic resources in Franklin.
Their largest fundraiser is the Heritage Ball and they asked us to design this years program. H3 did the event design and created an "up up and away" theme. We were happy to help with such a special evening and wish the folks at Heritage much continued success.


brickyard bbq

Cold beer & smokey barbecue on a hot summer night with friends, makes for a good party. This one was particularly special as it was an engagement party. We incorporated a brick wall illustration to play off the family brick-making business. And what's a barbecue without a pig? Guests even got to take a little secret family sauce home to taste. Such a cute way to kick off the nuptials! …see more on Oh So Beautiful Paper


a new hen



sevier & white interiors

Remember our friends Sevier & White? Well, they've been busy with change. New design projects, the arrival of a baby, and an office move. The ladies closed the doors of their beautiful retail store, Petit Chateau, to focus completely on their interior design business. So they called on Tenn Hens for an identity spiff up! Be on the look out for their blog… they're going to have design tips, inspiration and showcase cool new projects.

sevier & white bc

Just to peak your interest… this is a home they designed and had featured in the pages of Southern Living.

white kitchen


story of a song

A weekend turn around deadline is not ideal, but our client was in a bind and luckily we were there to step in. Below is the DVD cover we created for a documentary exploring the phenomenon of one of Gospel music’s favorite songs. The cover required multiple artist photos, but we wanted to retain a light and inspirational feel in the design as well. We hope the new packaging will help bring them success in spreading their story of a song.



movin' on and along

Well folks, we have some news to share. Tenn Hens has moved! We had a wonderful 4 years on Acklen Avenue, but it was time for a change. Not to worry… it's business as usual and we're still cluckin' along at full speed this summer. Same phone and email as before so give us a ring any time to talk biz. or just to chat. We'd love to hear from you. Cheers, Bonnie + Currier

Tenn Hens Design



bun in the oven

The big news around our office these days is there's a bun in the oven. That's right. Miss Bonnie's having a baby! To celebrate the upcoming event, we put our heads together to design a fun shower invitation. We love any excuse to celebrate! The type and design was all illustrated by hand in a whimsical, funky style. After all, this was no ordinary shower. No overly sweet pink or blue here. It needed to be kind of cool and most of all… really fun. Plus Bonnie's not finding out the gender so we had to keep it all sort of neutral. The corners were rounded, the invites were mounted on blue hued paper stocks, and each one was tied up fittingly with bakers twine. All that was the left were the envelopes. We used old stamps we'd collected mixed with new abstract art ones that were just released. And we mixed in some envelope liners to really make this package feel special. Now we just wait on the bun in the oven. It will be the newest member of the Tenn Hens family nest!

Oh and we got a little pub from a fabulous blog… check it out! Oh So Beautiful Paper

food + napkin tags


friends + fans

We may be late to the party, but better late than never. Tenn Hens has joined the ranks and now has it's very own Facebook page. It's going to be a place for friends to see what we're up to and accompany us on our little adventures around town. We hope you'll be our friend… or is it fan? Either way just join us and stay connected. We promise to make it fun!


a special delivery

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Or so they say anyway. For this baby shower though the idea was a bit more modern. The concept was to incorporate the mother's move from Music City to the Big Apple in a whimsical design. So we created our own vision of a stork, in a cowboy hat of course, flying over the Brooklyn Bridge with a very special delivery. After all, who wouldn't want a country music singing bird to deliver their baby?




the music continues


This is just a preview of more to come. We are busy gearing up for another year of partnering with The Americana Music Association. Stay tuned because they are hosting another incredible music festival. Just another beauty of living in music city!


one for the hens

Recently, Tenn Hens got to hob nob it with all the creative folks in town. The Addy's are the advertising industry's largest and most representative competition. Agencies and design shops around town gather annually to celebrate the winning works of the year.

We were surprised, but thrilled to get an invite from our wonderful printer, Jive. They entered one of our invitation jobs (49 & Holding) and it won. Sweet. So we got all dolled up and mingled with lots of familiar faces from our advertising days at Buntin. The vast array of creative talent was evident that evening. Thank you Jive for submitting our design and allowing the hens to celebrate such a great honor. We were incredibly flattered!

addy-pic2 copy

Remember this one? It's a personal fave of ours. And even though they didn't have all our little details with it at the show, we still thought it deserved a little pat on the back!



fashion forward

This project is still in the works, but we couldn't wait to share it. Tenn Hens is designing a website for Hemline of Nashville. It's a women's boutique offering all the most fashionable brands. We also did a photoshoot to capture some of their eclectic style. The store is full, rack after rack, of pretty little numbers. You may just have to make a trip to see for yourself!




little book of land

Land Trust cover

This statement reflects one of the powerful tidbits compiled for the Land Trust for Tennesse's "little book of facts." Tenn Hens has worked with the Land Trust in the past and feels a deep connection to their mission of preserving the unique landscape of our state. Tennessee is incredibly lucky to have such a passionate and active organization.

The vision was to create an informative booklet that clearly expresses the message of the Land Trust. We designed the brochure by highlighting sections of each service area: Farm Land - Historic Land - Natural/Recreational Land - Urban Land. This creates an informative and concise booklet of facts for the Land Trust to use out in the community as they continue to spread their message.


Oh and check out the embossed tree on the cover. It's a very textural and subtle effect on the recycled paper. So lovely!






sneak peak

We have a some new projects cooking in the Tenn Hens studio for 2010. It's too early to share all the details, but here's a sneak peak of what's to come...



hottest ticket in town

Our assignment was to design an invitation that you'd receive from the most exclusive new club in town. It was for a sweet 16 party and needed to be incredibly cool to grab all the teenagers attention. After all… they've seen everything. Our concept started with a masculine color palette and two beautiful paper stocks in silver and deep blue. The paper did all the work. In fact, we never even used any ink. The front had the type raised with no color on top, the back was a silver foil pattern, and the numbers were die cut to reveal the blue. The best part, in our mind anyway, was the ticket at the bottom. It was something every guest was "required" to bring for admission into the party. Hopefully all the kids felt very special receiving this in the mail!