just a peek : gold foil + lasercutting

Some ladies came to us with a really wonderful invitation design opportunity. We got to work immediately and came up with a lovely piece for the Gala. Because of certain copyrights with the painting, we can't show you the whole piece, but here's a link to the artist Rachel Ruysch who's still life was featured inside. It's a stunner. The cover was laser cut which allows for tiny detail and the gold foil was the perfect touch to the cottony paper. Such fun. We're lucky ladies!
IMG_5540 IMG_5557


baby shower invitations // spring showers

Spring showers are bringing on the bambinos. There must be something in the water, because we know so many expecting mommas. Perfect timing to design a new baby shower invitation. Check out these lovelies. My favorite part is the photo liner. Such a fun way to personalize an invite. They're in the shop if you have a buddy with a baby on the way.
baby-shower1 envelope-liner baby-shower-detail baby-shower2 cupcakes-farrar


spring scenes

Nature has certainly come alive the last couple weeks. There's been some heavy rains followed by some seriously gorgeous spring scenes. Peonies blooming in the yard and office windows letting in the breeze. Life is good around here and was made even sweeter by my visit to Nashville last week. Currier and I got straight down to business with a long to-do list, but we snuck in a whole 'lotta fun after hours. Steeplechase at Percy Warner was a big day and then a criquet match followed on Mother's day. Good excuses for dressing up and sipping on Pimms.