nashville bachelorette party

Nashville is on fire lately. Just check this New York Times article. There's even a little network TV show that has everyone buzzing about. Well, a friend of ours in Greenville called us up because she's throwing her little sister a bachelorette in Music City. Who can you resist the honky tonks, karaoke, boots, and country drawl of downtown? Not us darling!
country-bachelorette IMG_4368 IMG_4394


holiday moving announcement

The holiday season is well behind us now, but I never got around to sharing my personal holiday card/moving announcement. I'd been thinking about doing a moving card ever since we moved to Dallas - it only took me a year to actually do it. Procrastinate much? So, when Christmas was coming I rolled it all into one and figured I'd do something a little extra special. My husband painted the flags to symbolize all the places we've lived lately and then I used some of Currier's special painting details as borders. A little labor intensive tying all the cards together, but hopefully as fun to get in the mail as it was to make 'em!

xmas-card1 IMG_4429 xmas-card2 xmas-card3 IMG_3877


stock the bar

A couple of our festive cocktail party invites. Kinda gets you in the party mode right? Too bad it's only Tuesday! Cheers!


here and there

We had a very big meeting yesterday. Like, super big so crazy we can't believe it. So big we want to holler out to everybody we see, but of course we can't. It's hush hush for a bit. I flew into Nashville for less than day. I was there and now I'm here. That seems to be our trend. What's happening there and what's happening here and we like to swap pics of it with one another. Big things happening all over the place and our lucky horse shoe is pouring out some good charms. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


white feather - nashville

White Feather, Nashville's ultimate spiritual resource center, threw a grand opening shindig over the holidays. We created a special invitation welcoming a small group of folks into their store for the evening. Currier sketched a beautiful bird feather from one she'd found out on a morning hike. When it came time for printing we decided to do white foil on this dreamy, duplexed gray paper. Other items we included were stickers for packaging and these gorgeous napkins (silver foil stamped). All of these elements created a cool and ethereal tone just in line with the White Feather vibe.
Event Planner: Elizabeth James
IMG_4206 IMG_4243 white-feather-napkin IMG_4245 IMG_4229