tenn hens etsy site

Blogging 3 days in a row… say what? I know, I know, we have a lot to chatter on about around here. The heat has set in, but Tenn Hens is kicking into high gear this summer and we're hoping you'll follow along.

We launched this creative venture of ours back in 2005 with a little dream. That little dream was to create a line of our own Tenn Hens products. Some folks from our past life in the advertising world kind of looked down on that. I guess it wasn't as "serious" as designing campaigns for national brands and I think we kind of believed them for a while. But what we discovered over the years, besides doing what makes YOU happy, is that there's more than ONE way to run a design business. So… we worked, we grew and we decided we loved designing marketing pieces for businesses, but we also loved designing invitations and stationary.

That all lead us to today. We went back to that little dream of ours from the very beginning and hatched the Tenn Hens Etsy site. It will be evolving and growing and we sure hope you'll check it out and spread the word. Thanks friends!
horseshoe note cards down on the farm watercolor name good apple stationary


cultivating new ground

Now that we have finally updated our website (hooray, hooray), the tenn hens blog is going to well… go back to being a blog. More Hens news, more personal stuff, more design inspiration, and of course we'll keep sharing new projects here and there. The website will be more of our portfolio and services info. Whew, I feel better already.

Anyway, since this IS a blog I wanted to share a pretty spread that just came out in Elle Decor. Not a magazine I normally buy, but one that's always filled with beauty when I do pick up a copy. Our clients country home is featured in the pages this month. I was reading along and at the end they mention a milestone birthday bash the family hosted at the house. Well, I do believe we designed that milestone invitation and it's remained one of my very favorites. So cheers to them and the beautiful landscape they've carved out in the country.


an apple a day

The littlest hen on the block needed some stationary so we whipped up a "good apple" design for her to give to teachers. { notebooks from Target }
ps : you can buy 'em in our shop!