friends + fans

We may be late to the party, but better late than never. Tenn Hens has joined the ranks and now has it's very own Facebook page. It's going to be a place for friends to see what we're up to and accompany us on our little adventures around town. We hope you'll be our friend… or is it fan? Either way just join us and stay connected. We promise to make it fun!


a special delivery

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Or so they say anyway. For this baby shower though the idea was a bit more modern. The concept was to incorporate the mother's move from Music City to the Big Apple in a whimsical design. So we created our own vision of a stork, in a cowboy hat of course, flying over the Brooklyn Bridge with a very special delivery. After all, who wouldn't want a country music singing bird to deliver their baby?




the music continues


This is just a preview of more to come. We are busy gearing up for another year of partnering with The Americana Music Association. Stay tuned because they are hosting another incredible music festival. Just another beauty of living in music city!


one for the hens

Recently, Tenn Hens got to hob nob it with all the creative folks in town. The Addy's are the advertising industry's largest and most representative competition. Agencies and design shops around town gather annually to celebrate the winning works of the year.

We were surprised, but thrilled to get an invite from our wonderful printer, Jive. They entered one of our invitation jobs (49 & Holding) and it won. Sweet. So we got all dolled up and mingled with lots of familiar faces from our advertising days at Buntin. The vast array of creative talent was evident that evening. Thank you Jive for submitting our design and allowing the hens to celebrate such a great honor. We were incredibly flattered!

addy-pic2 copy

Remember this one? It's a personal fave of ours. And even though they didn't have all our little details with it at the show, we still thought it deserved a little pat on the back!